Tuesday’s news items [controversy among citizens; insect pest; “Frozen”; letter-to-the-editor and communicated and non-communicated legal notices] – 1/15/2019

Controversy | In Manheim Township intensify citizen interest – Lancaster Online

deal maker? | “never back down”Voice of America

spotted lantern news

The spotted lantern fly is the news in LNP – Always Lancaster’s “Schools” section today as Lancaster County elementary school students across the county participated in the 2019 Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture calendar about the threat posed by the spotted lanternfly. A citizen speaking at last Tuesday’s borough council warned of the threat of this new invasive insect. In September 2018, we posted this: Saw our first spotted lanternfly today. He/she was a dead one – according to the experts, the only good lantern fly is a dead one. This one was on the stairwell in a downtown parking garage in Reading.”

In November, we posted this:


Quarantined in Berks County – beware the spotted lanternfly – PA Department of Agriculture

16 - frozen

not communicated legal notice

considering trump

Columbia letter writer “considering voting for Trump in 2020. – LNP – Always Lancaster

here’s how | to contact state elected public servantsLancaster Online


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