Tuesday’s news, part 2 [Columbia news: early casualty of newspaper consolidation death spiral; the art of decision-making; 5G is coming & more] – 1/15/2019

For elected public servants (& everyone) | “The Art of Decision-Making – Choices aren’t just about what you want to do; they’re about who you want to be.” – In reality, we make decisions in imperfect conditions that prevent us from thinking things through. – The Atlantic

When the worst aim to be the first | Or the impending death of newspapers. It’s happening as “A hedge-fund-backed media group known for buying up struggling local papers and cutting costs has made an offer for USA Today publisher Gannett Co.”

What’s the Columbia connection? | In the mid-1980’s, the Columbia News was

purchased by The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. Subsequently, the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat was acquired by Dean Singleton’s Media News Group, the owner of several newspapers across the country including the York Dispatch. In 1989, the York Dispatch and the York Daily Record entered into a “joint operating agreement” under the Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970. Part of that agreement resulted in the Columbia News being absorbed into that new culture. That new culture resulted in the decision to close the Columbia News within a year.

1989 Washington Post article | “Sleepy press feels the pressure of a newspaper war.” 

Since then | Gannett purchased the York newspapers, and others, from Digital First Media in 2015. The architect of Media News Group (now Digital First Media), Singleton resigned in 2018.

“Those pesky tax rules | A lot of small business owners are spending this month wondering if they qualify for a tax break under the new law as an LLC or S corporation (so-called pass-through businesses). That’s because while the new tax law allows pass-through businesses to deduct up to 20 percent of their income when they file, there are also about 180 pages of rules around who exactly qualifies for that deduction. And a lot of those rules have caveats. And the government is still finalizing those rules, a process that is not exactly breezing along during the partial government shutdown.” – MarketPlace


“5G is here! | Well, it’s almost here” MarketPlace

“GoFundM To Refund More Than $20M Raised For Border Wall | More than $20 million raised in a GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall plan is set to be refunded. GoFundMe told The Hill the campaign organizer promised that the donations would be fully refunded if the whole $1 billion goal wasn’t reached. The crowd funding company said that goal wasn’t met, so it will start issuing full refunds. Iraq War veteran Brian Kolfage founded the campaign in December to raise money for the government to build the southern border wall.”

NOTICE | We’ve removed this (below) from the Columbia news, views & reviews “Community Tab” at the home page because, well it looks like the Housing Steering Committee just gave up.

Instead | the Columbia Spy‘s facebook page is now listed with a link.


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