Columbia’s issues in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

It’s a prominent page 3 article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Lancaster Online UPDATE | “‘Ready to stop this madness’ – Some Columbia residents want to flip council after tax hike, loan program” 

11-16 lnp article


  1. Actually, the detective and I discussed different approaches to resolve the situation. We were both in agreement to send the letter rather than initiate any investigation at this time. The fact that the council president is still unwilling to admit any wrongdoing is the very reason we need someone else in there that is going to be transparent. The old deny, deny, deny, or is it lie, lie, lie? For clarification, I never used the words executive session, I used the words private meeting.

  2. There should never be a private vote to fund a newly created position. That is a budget related issue that should have been voted on at the extra meeting that was scheduled for that very purpose on November 7th. That vote should not have been taken in private. The council president admits the vote taken was for funding.

  3. Saw where Columbia Borough spokesman, Nate Bunty said that our movement cannot rely on their petition. No one in our movement ever said we were relying solely on that, that’s your misconception. The petition is one tool of many currently in use.

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