Wednesday’s news items [government in chaos; payments “in-lieu-of-taxes”; government that communicates; Killer highway; therapy ducks are OK; movie at the Library & more] – 1/16/2019

In this LNP – Always Lancaster article | No response except for this: Councillor Marilyn Kress “Hartman, who declined comment aside from confirming she would not seek re-election.

“Toss Your Hat in the Ring” | Penn State Extension offers this training: “Thought about joining the school board, borough council, or township board? Join us for Toss Your Hat in the Ring to explore the benefits of serving on a local government entity.” It costs $25 and it’s being held at Chester County Government Services Building. 601 Westtown Road,
West Chester, PA 19382 on Monday, Feb. 11, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Communication, in advance | Lancaster County’s commissioners informs public it will vote on borrowing to upgrade courthouseLancaster Online

brexitFront pages of the UK papers on Wednesday, 16 January, 2019 after Theresa May loses a crucial vote on a Brexit deal. Composite: Various SOURCE: The Guardian

Chaos | When citizens have lost confidence in those governingThe Guardian

Citizens see this more frequently and clearly | In a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, a citizen writes, “Congress only cares about one thing — getting re-elected.”

Killer highway | Another fatality in a Route 441 crashFOX43-TV

Therapy duck? | Yep, the courts say it’s OKFOX43-TV

Data breech | “Lebanon VA accidentally emails out 933 patients’ info” The Lebanon Daily News

Gulp, contraction | The Lebanon Daily News is down to four employees. – LebTown

Not clickbait – scroll bait | “45 signs that you’re a longtime Pennsylvanian” – Penn Live

Tonight at the Library16 - frozen

Idiocy backtracking | “IRS recalling 46,000 workers to handle taxes”WITF

Idiocy backtracking II | School district rethinks “gun toting” teachers – The Morning Call

payments “in lieu of taxes” | School district challenges interpretation of non-profit status; says “the hospital system is not a ‘purely public charity’ and should pay its ‘fair share of property taxes.’” Well, yeah, these entities claiming not-for-profit status should pay their fair share of taxes; after all, they depend on the services delivered by the taxing authority: roads; emergency services and more. Who will that veterans drinking club call when there’s a fire? Does that not-for-profit gain when snow is cleared from streets?

We have asked the borough manager for clarification on this issue, because we’ve been informed the borough is no longer asking no-for-profit entities to contribute with “in-lieu-of-taxes.” We have received no response to our email request for information.

This is from an August 2016 Columbia news, views & reviews post:

How many of Columbia’s non-profits make “in-lieu-of” payments to the Borough for public services?

The Borough responded to our “right to know” request and provided a list of four of the up to 100 or so registered non-profits.

These four contributed a total of $12,150 in 2015.

in lieu of

Each year the borough office sends this notice to the registered non-profits to encourage them to consider an “in lieu of taxes” contribution.

fair share letterClick on the above illustration to view in a larger format.

non-profits across the county contend they provide significant services that benefit persons in the communities they exist. Many citizen tax payers, however, are burdened with increasing tax payments for services.”

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