Thursday’s news items [government “goodie grant book”; truth; controversy; opinions & more] – 1/17/2019

neighbor’s controversy | Neighboring municipality, West Hempfield Township, has its own controversy as dozens of citizens “packed the meeting room” at a supervisors’ “conditional use hearing for a plan to build 100 single-family homes at 620 Sycamore Drive.” The citizens came to “voice their concerns” to the proposed project. – LNP – Always Lancaster

true vs false

Snopes “true” statement | confirms the POTUS donation of his salary.

who checks

Good question | Who checks the “facts checkers?” – a long read at Forbes 

What is truth? | The opposite of “lies and bullsh*t.”Psychology Today

Centrist opinion | A letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster writes: “Letters and columns published on the LNP Opinion pages have echoed the hopes of people throughout the county that our government would drop extreme partisanship and work together for the good of all. This includes working for and with citizens and noncitizens, men and women, adults and children.”

Shorter is better | | Mary Freisher’s ENTIRE letter: “Our federal government has not been working for years. I believe that, somewhere along the line, our U.S. Congress started working for the president and not the average American. When did the constituents take a back seat? Federal workers should not be the ones losing their pay, it should be Congress members for not doing their jobs.”

grant resources

What’s in a name | “Corporate welfare” or “community benefit” 

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