Saturday’s news items [“nearly impossible” travel this weekend; change; bible training & more] – 1/19/2019

National Weather Service | “Travel will be ‘nearly impossible’ this weekend” – Penn  Live

snow spaces

Ya’ think? | “People used the most random stuff to save street parking spaces when it snows”The Lebanon Daily News

Most closings north of us | Area closings due to weather forecastWGALTV-8

Wondering | Since Monday’s a borough holiday, when will the meeting agenda for the planned Tuesday borough council meeting be posted.

Calling for a consultant | Lancaster’s police-community relations group is looking for someone who to guide the process of “addressing issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.” – Lancaster Online


OPINION | The letter-to-the-editor (above, top left) in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is the safe space for many. Nicolo Machiavelli’s 15th century writing rings has rung true ever since.

“Teaching the Bible in school” – Bible2School and Child Evangelism Fellowship. Both are the featured programs in this Lancaster Online article.

Corporate giving | “High Foundation gives $100K to Fulton Theatre campaign”Lancaster Online

30 - prime timers

What’s next: planting evidence? | “Central PA cop charged with theft allegedly took $1,000 from evidence room”The Lebanon Daily News

CPD CrimeWatch | Wallet theft at Rocky’s BBQ

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