Snowstorms, then … more challenging in some ways

This New York Times article, Think Snowstorms Are Rough Now? Check Out These Vintage New York Blizzards — Severe winter weather was bad for the people and worse for the horses,” is a photo chronicle of life in New York City during snowstorms. Times were physically more challenging then.ny snow 2

“Waiting for the first real snow of winter is an annual exercise in anticipation and dread, with the accompanying hallmarks invariably falling into place: breathless headlines, familiar checkout line chatter, readying the shovels and snowblowers, restocking the cocoa, bracing for traffic tie-ups and rail delays — or perhaps doing nothing at all.” – The New York Times

ny snow“The umbrella here seems to be mostly a lost cause. The scant notes on the back of this print indicate that this photograph was taken near City Hall, but not when, though the hemlines and the hat plumage both strongly suggest it was sometime before World War I, after which ostrich feathers plummeted in popularity and hemlines began to rise, a trend that would accelerate in the 1920s. CreditBrown Bros., N.Y.”

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