Thursday’s news items [Manor Twp. mulls MJ; Route 441 crash & more] – 1/24/2019

mj leaf

Progressive | “Manor Township to consider marijuana decriminalization”Lancaster Online

Headline | “Truck spills greasy water about 4 miles from Columbia to Washington Boro: fire chief” LancasterOnline

Shutdown impact | “Lancaster County volunteer firefighter campaign stalls without grant money due to government shutdown”Lancaster Online


  1. 5:49 AM
    Clarification: I have never called council idiots. As far as my use of the word arrogant, that is a description of the behavior and comments of a few of the six people that spoke at the meeting. I will leave the name-calling to the Republican councilman that is permitted to do it with impunity. I am more democratic than most because as a registered Democrat I have friends that are Republican, Independent, etc. I am more about the cause than the party. The affiliation is necessary to vote in the primary. Lastly, I do not begrudge anyone from their right to speak at a public meeting, it’s funny though how these experts come out of the woodwork and know everything when they have never been to meetings to hear it for themselves. Sharon Lintner

  2. It might be helpful to explain the process for borough elections. It appears there are several wards in the borough; I assume the candidate must live in the ward they represent. Are only residents of that ward allowed to vote there? Are there primary elections and when are they. How does a candidate get on the ballot?

    I applaud your efforts to get the citizens of Columbia involved in their government but it is important to make sure they understand the process.

  3. You are correct Al and it is a more complex process than some may think. We are scheduling a meeting where those interested in running for a seat on council can be guided through the process by a former candidate. That meeting will welcome all potential candidates looking for transparency in our local government and having a strong desire to represent the people who elect them. Currently, most of Columbia residents feel as if they are not being represented.

  4. I do not think that in Columbia each Ward must be represented in the election process, but I do not have enough knowledge about that to properly explain it. Perhaps Columbia News and Reviews can answer that.

  5. I remember Brian recently posted the laws related to this but there are a lot of if this, then that language to cover many different situations. It would help to know the exact process for Columbia as the incumbents will try to use the process against any challengers.

    Sharon, I know you understand this but I’m appealing to everyone to keep party politics out of this. Municipal elections, especially in small towns, should be nonpartisan; the issues in the borough are common to all. Unfortunately Columbia’s biggest issue is the school taxes; I’m unsure that the borough government can do much about this except be frugal with the taxes they collect, this council obviously does not understand this.

    As you know, I lived in the borough for 10 + years. In my judgment, I have seen very little process in that time and some terrible decisions taken by council, the disposal of the riverfront property, at fire sale rates, being the worst.

  6. It’s difficult to run for local office in Pennsylvania … on a platform issue, or on an issues-based one. Since the only way to get on the ballot is to belong to a registered political party. So people who want to do the right thing or be an issue-based elected-public servant have to make a choice and align with a party.

    We’re trying to learn more and we encourage others to do that too. There’s a workshop (Toss Your Hat in the Ring) slated for Wed., Jan. 30, 2019, (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM) at the Penn State Extension Lancaster County, 1383 Arcadia Rd., Rm. 140, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601. It costs $25, but looks intriguing.

    Also, Penn State Extension offers a Webinar for $69: Getting Involved in Your Pennsylvania Local Government
    This online course will help you understand how Pennsylvania local governments work, explore ways you can become involved, and explain how to run for office.

    Pennsylvania is not a really open state for politics; for independent voters and for one of the other (lesser-known) political parties, it’s an uphill struggle. Little wonder the state ranks so badly for political transparency.

    Here’s the PA Department of State Website Link with information about how to run for office:

    And this site ( is a helpful one.

    We’ll continue to find out more about the process and publish more going forward.

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