Tighten those belts; cuts are coming | “CBO Suggests Raising Tricare Fees, Cutting Veteran Benefits to Slash Deficit”

The Congressional Budget Office regularly publishes projections of budgetary and economic outcomes that are based on the assumption that current laws regarding federal spending and revenues will generally remain in place. Those projections, which are known as baseline projections, cover the 10-year period used in the Congressional budget process. The reports on those projections usually describe the differences between the current projections and previous ones; compare the economic forecast with those of other forecasters; and show the budgetary effects of some alternative policies.

cbo reportAmong the suggested ways to curb continuing government expenses are some popular ones.

“With the federal deficit expected to top $1 trillion this year, the Congressional Budget Office in December published a list of options for reducing the imbalance over the next 10 years, including three suggestions on Tricare and six that address veterans benefits.”

So the CBO has that veterans benefits can be whittled away according to this Military.com report.


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