Friday’s news items, part 2 [foreclosures; economy; out-of-touch in Wonderland; tax time & more] – 1/25/2019

“It’s Not All About Millennials | Mayors Look to Engage With Seniors.”Route Fifty

good call on bad precedent | Easton’s council reconsiders special reduced parking rates for employeesThe Morning Call

“abrasive, rough and not socially conscious” | “Bishop McDevitt faculty: ‘vote of no confidence’ in new school leadership”ABC27-TV


Lancaster County | Real Estate Trends and Market Information 

“Loads of houses are up for sale | but middle-class buyers are still shut out”The Washington Post

Case study | “SPECIAL REPORT: Why the Allentown School District is continuously in a financial hole” The Morning Call

young guns

Young guns | “Young gun owners are embracing concealed carry just as laws across the country are allowing more guns in public spaces. And social media is giving a new generation a different kind of entry point into the gun industry. In this special report, we dig into a new frontier for firearms and look at how younger generations will shape the debate over guns in America.” – Newsy report and video

Go home, Mitch. Retire, you rat! | “‘This is your fault’: GOP senators clash over shutdown inside private luncheon”The Washington Post

percent of millionaires

The rich are out of touch | Commerce Secretary: “’I don’t really quite understand why’ federal workers were visiting food banks.”The Washington Post

“Who needs a paycheck anyway? | The shutdown reveals the administration’s callous elitism” – OPINION: The New York Times

Tax time | “Fears of tax chaos loom as IRS readies for filing season” Reuters


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