Saturday’s news items [say what?; Columbia Cat Shelter to open & more] – 1/26/2019

say what

Say What? | “Tax preparers warn your refund may be smaller than usual this year. Here’s why” The Morning Call

I – I – I | “Rep. Lloyd Smucker statement on end of shutdown”The York Daily Record

Say What? | “Back pay for furloughed federal employees to include add-ons” — like overtime pay they would have gottenThe Washington Post

Say What? | OPINION: “The shutdown ended when wealthy people finally were hurt” The Morning Call

Say What? | Letter writer: “We’re being overcharged for home heating oil”Penn Live

Say What? | Despite the braggadocio in December (“I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck. … I will take the mantle.”), the DIC folded to rich folks.

Say What? | Blue Russian SuicideThe Washington Post

Say What? | “Decades ago, staff cartoonists at newspapers numbered in the hundreds. Now it’s down to dozens.” – The Washington Post

Say What? | The elite: In public, they wring their hands over automation’s negative consequences for workers; in private, they want machines to replace you.The New York Times

animal shelter

Coming soon | “Columbia Animal Shelter to Open in February” 

Meet the director | Tammy Loughlin

Model for government? | “Our goal is to collaborate, communicate, and educate … “  – The Executive Director’s goal could be a model for local government, too.

True then & now | “Middletown Borough’s Website moves to transparency … what can happen if ‘you gotta’ wanna’!’”A 2015 Columbia news, views & reviews post in 2015

When’s Columbia’s new transparent Website coming?


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