Tuesday’s news items [cold & snow; Lead in drinking water; Zoning hearing continuance, molasses flood & more] – 1/29/2019

Big jump in heating costs | UGI has proposed a gas price increase. An LNP – Always Lancaster article states, “The company asked the state Public Utility Commission on Monday to approve a residential rate hike of 13.7 percent the first year, which would rise by 3.1 percentage points to 16.8 percent thereafter.”below zeroWarnings everywhere | Snow followed by extreme cold — wind chill temps expected to bring below zero feeling —  is our forecast. Lancaster County’s Website has this posted.

School & other Closings | Beginning to be posted at FOX43-TV

1/30/19 Zoning Meeting

“The applicant’s attorney has requested a continuance. The next Zoning Meeting is scheduled for February 27, 2019.” Here’s is the “published agenda.” And this is what was on the agenda based on a PUBLISHED LEGAL NOTICE: Timothy Draper is requesting special exception(s) and/or variance(s) to convert a storage building into residences at 175 Pleasant Avenue in a High Density Residential (HDR) zoned district.”

February 21 | “free classes: ‘How to Survive an Active Shooter Event’ and ‘Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship’.”– Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

School communications weak? | In Ephrata, according to an article about lead in school’s drinking water in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, ” … some parents have said they never knew about lead problems at their students’ schools and complained that the district did not directly notify them on the school district’s website, Superintendent Brian Troop summarized the testings and steps the district had taken after the volunteer testing.

Here’s the posting at the School District’s Website:| 2017 WATER TESTING INFORMATION, emailed Sunday, January 27  (Click for PDF) and WATER TESTING FOLLOW-UP, emailed Monday, January 28 (Click for PDF)

In Columbia | We could find nothing about lead in water at the School District Website.

“West York School District | bullying could lead to lawsuit”FOX43-TV

legal notice

H-m-m-m | This legal notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster references the Columbia Borough Website, but the Legal Notice is not posted at the Columbia Borough Website.

This is interesting | East and West Hempfield Townships will be holding  two-township meetings.

Involved citizens | “Over 100 hear developer defend 75-acre Oregon Village project in Manheim Township”Lancaster Online

Citizen cynicism | Increasingly, this comment, following the above article, summarizes feelings citizens project: “This project will be rubber stamped just like every other building project in the developer-ran Manheim Township.”

Columbia Borough’s January 22 Council meeting  | is not among the over half a page of Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

No more “state of the union” | Philly.com columnist, John Baer, says, this in his opinion column,Also, in the short run, nobody should have to look at members of Congress, most of whom (of course) continued collecting their $174,000 salaries while 800,000 other federal employees went without pay for more than a month. At last count, the only Pennsylvanians (of our 20 in Washington) not taking pay were Democratic U.S. Reps. Dwight Evans and Mary Gay Scanlon, Republican U.S. Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick, John Joyce and Lloyd Smucker, and Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.”

100 years ago | The great Boston Molasses FloodThe Boston Globe

Illicit action | McConnell and cronies cook up deal to help the rich, and themselves, again —  now that they’re approaching retirement and gobbled up huge sums of cash.- The Washington Post

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