Monday’s news items [bids & ranges; snow & extreme cold; news release: 100 percent renewable; savings & more] 1/28/2019

Snow | then brutal coldPenn Live


Another news media | Another view from the recent Columbia School District board of directors meeting, this one appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. How would that fly if you got a bid to have your home painted? Would you accept an estimate of in the range of $2,500 to $5,500? Would you like something with a tighter range?

Wondering | There are several LEGAL NOTICES from School Districts in the county in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The notices are soliciting bids for:

  • “custodial supplies and athletic trainer/medical supplies”
  • “stockroom & art supplies

Wonder whether these school districts will entertain “wide ranges in bids” too?

graphic cop

“But I want it to be true.” | Just found this website that dispels rumors like “Brad & Jennifer are hooking up again and they’re having (a) twins, (b) a daughter, (c) adopting 17 kids from countries around the world, (d) all of the above and (e) none of the above.”

th safe-harbor-drone

100% renewable! | Got an email news release stating that “Turkey Hill Dairy has officially transitioned to 100 PERCENT renewable energy, thanks to a new relationship with the Safe Harbor Dam.”

forever stamp

Missed 10% saving | If you didn’t buy your forever stamps before yesterday, you missed your chance to save. – Penn Live


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