More Thursday news items [tax on medical & dental services; borough meeting; fees increase; census “temp” employment & more] – 1/31/2018

Wouldn’t it be great to live in Hawaii right now? | Maybe, but if you did, you’d have to pay General Excise Tax on Medical and Dental Services.

Interesting Webinar | You can register to attend a Group Viewing of an APA Colorado Chapter Webinar at the County offices: “Public vs Private Perspectives: The Development Process as told by a Developer, Engineer, Planner & City Manager”


At the Borough Website | “Make plans to attend this coming Tuesday’s Borough Council Work Session (starting at 7:00 PM) … where the DRAFT Master Site Plans for Janson, Makle, and Rotary Parks will be revealed! – Columbia Borough Website

Some Fees Increase | A reader called us several days ago to let us know that some of the fees on the just posted 2019 FEE SCHEDULE have been significantly increased. We are unable to locate the 2018 FEE SCHEDULE at the borough website or in the ordinances.

“Who Knew? | Census Data Can Be Used in the Classroom”US Census Bureau


Though Columbia doesn’t, the Census Bureau advertises jobs | “The Census Bureau is hiring temporary employees for the 2020 Census. Our jobs offer weekly pay, competitive pay rates, flexible hours, and paid training. By joining the 2020 Census team, you can support your community while getting paid to do it.” Find out more here. And yes, The U.S. Census Bureau is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Routine audit? Not known, but it happens | “State announces audit of Northern Lebanon School District”The Lebanon Daily News


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