Thursday’s news items [continued super cold; good government; whiteout crash & more] 1-31-2018

weater delays

2 Hour delays | Virtually all schoolsFOX43-TV

Big tax return? | Not so fast according to this MarketPlace comment: “Remember when we reached out to you to ask how you thought your taxes might shake out since the major tax overhaul of 2017? Well, as always, you did not disappoint. A lot of you said you were expecting a decent refund this year and the reality, yeah, it did not turn out so good. Like Tyler Hohmann, who told us he thought he’d get a couple of thousand back and instead ended up owing $4,800. Or Sarah Tierney, a college student who usually gets a couple of hundred dollars back and this year owes $300. It sounds like the 2018 tax season is off to a rocky start.”

OPINION | Commissioner Craig Lehman’s column: “Proposal to fix our antiquated local tax structure” Lancaster Online

“PUC Provides Consumer Tips on Energy Conservation, Safe Heating During Current Cold-Weather Snap”news release


Interest in good government | If last night’s attendance or more than 30 people at the Penn State Extension program “Toss your hat into the ring: How to get involved in Local Government” is an indicator, seems people really do want more transparent, improved governance,

“It’s Not All About Millennials | Mayors Look to Engage With Seniors.” – Route Fifty

Compliance report | Columbia Fireman’s Relief Association’s report from State Auditor General shows compliance with “prior audit findings.”

27 car “whiteout” crash | While in Reading yesterday, we were nearby this: “24 hurt in pileup during ‘blinding snow squall’ on Route 222”WFMZTV-69

Can happen anywhere there are | Multi-lane highways; lots of traffic; inclement weather and PEOPLE TRAVELING TOO FAST FOR CONDITIONS.

Uglification | Two letter writers in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster bemoan the continuing “over development” in Lancaster County. Reality is, it’s impossible to stop development. Having lived in larger metros as Boston, Chicago and California, we’re seeing Lancaster County beginning to look like those places we lived.

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