Thursday’s news items [house fires; streaming videos of meetings; draft ordinances & more] – 2/7/2019


Cooking | “By far, cooking is the leading cause of home fires and injuries. These fires caused an estimated 195 deaths, 3,800 injuries, and $463 million in property loss each year. The leading specific factor contributing to ignition in non-confined cooking fires in residential buildings was unattended equipment.” – U.S. Fire Administration

Streamed recordings | Columbia Borough will soon be recording and streaming its borough council meetings people learned at Tuesday’s Borough Council meeting. Just as other municipalities and the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission now does: 

Model Ordinance | The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs recommends this Model Ordinance for Junked Motor Vehicles, etc. 

Compare with | Columbia’s proposed Ordinance covering junked or inoperative vehicles will be discussed, perhaps, at the next council meeting.

Streamlined & easier to read | Among the files in the meeting packet  at Tuesday’s work session was this simplified look at the impact of the announced 21% property tax increase. Click on the image to enlarge.

tax per property And this:

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