More Thursday new items [lead in water; recreational marijuana & more] – 2/7/2019

Who reads newspapers? | “Surprise: Subscribers who read many stories per visit and read them thoroughly were no more likely to keep their subscriptions than those who skimmed.”Nieman Lab

lead and waterSOURCE: School District of Lancaster Website

Lead in Schools | Lancaster City school “shuts down 9 sinks for lead contamination.” Lancaster Online (NOTE: Water test results is an agenda item on the School Board meeting tonight.)

Columbia School District could get $19K | “Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan, one Pa. school district would receive $693,000 to raise teacher salaries”PA Post

“Should all Pa. towns pay for police protection?Q&A with Rep. Mike Sturla” Penn Live

Getting what you are owedIt may have felt a little shaky with this recent government shutdown, but the U.S. does have a social safety net meant to help the most vulnerable Americans. But according to an analysis by the Urban Institute, around a quarter of Americans who live in poverty don’t get any benefits, like food stamps or subsidized housing, despite qualifying. To put a real number to that statistic, around 13 million people are not taking advantage of help that they could get from the government.” – MarketPlace

“Health Check | Do we really need to take 10,000 steps a day?” – The Conversation

Kingmaker nation | “Since 1995, the U.S. has conducted at least 13 regime change operations.”This becomes another: “Venezuela: The U.S.’s 68th regime change disaster.”Salon

worst state

# 32 | That’s Pennsylvania’s ranking in this 24/7 Wall St. article, “The Worst States to Grow Old In.” According to the article, “24/7 Wall St. created an index of over a dozen measures related to income, health, environment, education, and access to amenities to identify the best (and worst) states in which to grow old. While the best states for the elderly span the country, the worst states are almost exclusively in the South.”

Did you know Pennsylvania has veterans homes? | Click here. 

Recreational marijuana | The lieutenant governor will begin the state’s listening tour about marijuana next week; a Columbia councillor wants to be proactive if/when the state legalizes marijuana. At Tuesday night’s work session, Councillor John Novak postulated that the council should begin to engage in discussion to establish standards and guidance for legalized marijuana.

green stop sign

In a discussion yesterday | One of the folks in a meeting quipped, “Someone who’s using alcohol will run a stop sign; someone who’s using marijuana will simply wait for the stop sign to turn green.”

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