Monday’s news items [snow, livestreaming; equal opportunity; “socialism for the rich”; legal ads & more] – 2/11/2019

SnowUp to six inches, they say.


Livestreaming | Everyone’s doing. Finally, Lancaster City’s announced it’s beginning, too as “Live footage, archives appear on Lancaster’s YouTube channel.” According to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, “The livestreams appear on the city’s You-Tube channel, and the videos are archived there afterward. Links are posted beforehand on the city’s Facebook page, (city communications and marketing manager Amber) Strazzo said.”

Encourages engagement | Lancaster encourages “the public to comment on this page and welcome all viewpoints. Comments should remain relevant to the topic at hand and participants must treat each other with respect. We review the comments posted to our page on a regular basis and reserve the right to delete (certain) comments … ”

No town left behind | We’re delighted Columbia Borough has joined the parade; it’s been announced the borough hopes to begin livestreaming meetings and posting them  beginning in February. A quick seach of municipalities livestreaming meetings generated 39,700,000 results. Lancaster, California livestreams as does East Gippsland Shire in Victoria, Australia.

The Champion | Tony Dastra began video streaming council meetings with his See-Though City page citizens’ initiative almost two years ago. “Since Valentine’s Day 2017, See-Thru City has been the go-to source to connect with public meetings over livestream, especially City Council and School Board. See-Thru City is Creating a Community of Power. We met Tony and spoke with him about the mechanics of starting livestreaming just about a year ago.

spring training

Spring training | Even with snow on the ground and as boring as baseball is, we’re glad that spring training is in the air. Spring training conjures visions of spring and summer and now we’re talking. Enough of winter.

Reich column | “socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else”The Guardian

legal news digital

In today’s publication of general circulation | These LEGAL NOTICES appear in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:

Equal Opportunity Employers | Most businesses and government Websites have easy to find EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY pages on them. We looked at these two and found:

columbia employment

“What is | (or isn’t) an equal opportunity employer?”Tulane University Law School



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