a new meaning for “PPP” or P3 | “Public Police Partnership”

community-policing“Five Reforms Every Police Department Should Make” is from the Institute for Policy Studies. And it’s important to read too. It lists five reform suggestions for police departments:

  • Institute Community Policing
  • Demilitarize
  • Appoint Independent Prosecutors
  • Set Up Civilian Complaint Review Boards
  • Provide Racial Bias Training

Over the years we’ve posted several items about policing and a few that included Norm Stamper’s perspectives on “policing.”

Stamper’s written several books about his ideas based on his policing experiences. Stamper’s been the top cop in several West Coast major cities and he knows that police cannot continue to embrace the “We are the police – and you’re not” mindset.

We happened on this 17 minute TEDTalk that we think is worth watching.


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