Saturday’s news items [out of date registrations; tradition gone; PFAS chemicals; & more] – 2/16/2019

out of date inspections

Out-of-date registrations crackdown | Columbia Police Department identifies “Approx. 50 vehicles” that have out of date registrations “between 02-15-19 and 02-16-19. Some of the vehicles posted were not currently inspected as well.” – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

Parking garage assault | Lancaster City Police posts video footage of a night time assault in parking garage 

Checking in | On the health of the Chesapeake Bay Smithsonian Magazine

just plain crazyInsanity intact

Stacking the deck | Just as “Nazism as we know it didn’t just happen overnight, it was a slow chipping away at one of the most advanced nations of the time,” the maniacal pattern of the POTUS is “alarmingly similar to Hitler’s strategy in Nazi Germany.” Yesterday’s announcement of his intended invocation of emergency powers will lead to court cases which, he believes, inevitably will wind up in his Supreme Court.

Similarities continue | “7 eyebrow-raising moments from (the) Rose Garden speech” The Boston Globe

Two truths | “Old men start wars, young men die in them!” writes an older man in one of the letters-to-the-editor in today’s LNP | Always Lancaster.  Another older man’s letter is entitled, “Executive branch is out of control.”

They’re rich | and they’re “pissed” – The New York Times

American shame | It’s happened beforeSmithsonian Magazine

Corporate welfare | is alive and wellThe Washington Post

Crusaders keep crushing | Lancaster Catholic’s girls’ basketball team continues undefeated. Lancaster Online

Another tradition gone | Some will always remember it as Saint Joseph’s, but now “UPMC Pinnacle Lancaster announces closing dates amid public outcry”WITF

PFAS chemicals articles| ” Pa. to begin its own process of setting limit for two PFAS chemicals”WITF • “What are PFAS Chemicals?





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