More Sunday news items [mostly good news] – 2/27/2017

happy face

Mostly “good” news items:

corporate welfare is alive 😉 | “Amazon paid no federal taxes on $11.2 billion in profits last year, according to group’s analysis” The Morning Call


“loser teachers” |C’mon, Don Junior, who are you really talking about? – Vanity Fair

MAGA | As great as Dubai where you can “special license plates”BBC

But 😦 | not everyone’s richdazzling news


“The Young Lady With the Shiner” | The central focus of this Norman Rockwell reminds us of the new players in the US Legislature. It’s “a perfect example of young girls defying gender roles.” 

Yup | “Trump foreign policy under attack from all sides at European security conference” The Washington Post

Happy ending | “How a stray puppy rescued from a trash pit became a movie star”The New York Times

Better | “This year’s flu vaccine more effective in keeping people healthy, CDC says”The Morning Call

Why not? | In Allentown: “high school diploma and associates degree at same time?”The Morning Call

Witch hunt | “White House press secretary Sarah Sanders joins list of those interviewed by Mueller team”The Washington Post

“Government by fiat” | Some GOP find spinesThe Washington Times

trapped | ‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out” The New York Times

everyone’s laughing | not with him, but at himThe Guardian




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