Tuesday’s news items [on dogs, taxes, work; Trump-Kim; retirement plans; movie night & more] – 2/26/2019

Nice to know NOW! | “Energy Transfer CEO: ‘We’ve made mistakes’ in building Mariner East” WITF

Why’s it take law suits? | Why do citizens have to file law suits to get elected public servants to do the right thing? “Court rules L.A. council members wrongly blocked public testimony at ‘special’ meetings”The Los Angeles Times


Really! | “Your dog’s personality can change over time.” – futurity

“politics masquerading as tax policy”“Coalition of Governors Push to Restore State, Local Tax Deduction”Route Fifty

“44 percent of American adults have active car loans” | and the loans are big ones, too, according to this article.The Drive

Shouldn’t have to be said | Today’s editorial in LNP- Always Lancaster is about something that shouldn’t have to be said: Elected public servants should “Say no to gifts.” No kidding, “tit for tat” bribes are not good for any kind of business or government. People deserve ethical practices and elected public servants ought not be getting gifts to effect voting machine purchases (or any other product or service). No matter that the federal and state legislatures do! Now let’s clean up the legislatures.

“It doesn’t wash.” | The repeated hogwash of the Catholic Church’s leader and his team of henchmen (bishops) who’ve been saying the same thing for nearly 20 years: “We’re going to fix this.” Yet, the abuse on children and nuns continues. The New York Times editorial is right.

“political expediency” | And we elect people like this? – The Washington Post

Work | “Workism Is Making Americans Miserable”The Atlantic

three flags“Flying the flag: Visitors at Én Cave in Quảng Bình Province with flags of the DPRK, USA and Việt Nam. The DPRK-USA Summit, with the participation of nearly 3,000 international reporters, is a great opportunity for Vietnamese tourism promotion. — VNA Photo”

This is now | Aging US Vietnam war veterans can remember the natural beauty of the nation, now “Free tours offered to international press to promote Vietnamese tourism.” –  Viet Nam News

Long odds | Though POTUS has done something none before have in having talks with the North Korean leader, “Trump-Kim summit 2019: is North Korea really willing to give up its nukes? The Americans who negotiated a 1994 deal still have hope.” The South China Post

Views from the North | Here’s what the North Korea News is saying.

Good story with photos | “Vietnam prepares for the Trump-Kim summit” – Reuters

Kim’s hotel | Third world nation hotelMeliá

school briefs 2-21 meetingSchool Briefs from today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

Two County communities on this list | “35 best places to retire in Pennsylvania”Penn Live

Phone addiction | How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain”The New York Times

No nursing home for him | He’s headed to a Holiday InnFOX59-TV

movie night make-up

Tomorrow night | It’s a movie night make-up night at the Columbia Public Library. “Due to last week’s snow storm, our Family Movie night has been switched to Wednesday, February 27, in the library Community Room. “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” will begin at 6 PM. For all ages.”


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