Wednesday’s news items [Nan Roye obituary; photos and notes from last night’s council meeting; higher gas prices; robocalls; coffee with a cop & more ] – 2/27/2019

Obituary | Nancy Louise “Nan” RoyeThe Groff Family Funeral Services

One identified | “Police say man caused Columbia man to fall about 25 feet from Lancaster city parking garage” – Lancaster Online

Another week | “Gas Prices Continue Their Climb ” Kiplinger


“Robocalls are unstoppable | 3 questions answered about why your phone won’t quit ringing” The Conversation

Wackos abound | “The Dangers of a Mandatory DNA Database”Route Fifty

Oh, well then, that’s different and makes it OK? | Attorney for senior Catholic cleric: It was just a “plain vanilla sexual penetration case where the child is not actively participating”. – The Guardian

Customer Service | Here’s how to get improved “Customer Service” — ask your staff to deliver first class impressions in a “good opportunity to introduce with the world about culture, development, image and people … ” Hanoi Times

2-26 meeting pic 1Last night’s borough council meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm; a new addition — this time a camera not affixed to the wall — was stationed on the table in front of the borough manager. Recall the borough manager announced at a previous meeting its intent to record and livestream meetings. At that meeting, Rebecca Denlinger, borough manager, said the first recording would not be posted at the Website. Rather it would be reviewed to insure audio and video quality. She did say the borough will be livestreaming and posting the video recordings at the borough Website going forward. Just under 30 persons were in attendance last night; this reflects a significant reduction of citizen a from just a few months ago.

“Concrete | the most destructive material on Earth” – The Guardian

Concrete’s partner:

“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot”

Looks like a presentation | but it’s called Coffee with CopsColumbia Police Department CrimeWatch

cwc“The Hawthorne (CA) Police Department hosted the first Coffee with a Cop event in March, 2011 in an effort to better understand the needs and concerns of community residents.” – 

LNP – Alway’s Lancaster‘s editorial | Testimony to Columbia’s “training session on security for houses of worship”

Last night’s council meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm after the councillors addressed each of the agenda items and several citizens spoke about issues and concerns they had. The issues and concerns included questions and comments about:

  • short-term rentals  – airbnb lists these for Columbia area 
  • road improvement plans and construction follow through
  • transparency of borough actions
  • communications with citizens
  • the revolving loan program
  • meeting protocols

2-26 meetin g pic 4

2-26 meetin g pic 3

During a citizen’s comments about meeting protocols, one councillor interjected (see video below) with comments.  This January 12, 2019 Columbia news, views & reviews post there’s more about the councillor’s reference.

Columbia Spys post this morning, Councilman berates Facebook commenters in bizarre late night rant” refers to posts and comments at its own facebook page. (Here’s an extract of one of the councillor’s comments at the site: “Hopefully counsel [sic] can do better to be transparent I believe the streaming of meetings will be a huge improvement.”)




  1. Regarding personal Facebook pages:
    People can be fired for less than this councilman posted. I sent an email to council and the borough manager after hearing about the exchange and I received no reply. That tells me they are all accepting of this behavior. Those attending meetings are admonished against any “personal attacks” toward council members, so he is protected. If emails regarding this go unanswered and you can’t bring it up at meetings, how do you address it?
    As an elected official, he is held to a higher standard or at least one would hope so.

  2. Funny that he said it was comments on his personal page when everyone knows his drunken rants happened on the Spy’s public page. I guess he doesnt understand the difference between his personal page and a public page run by someone else. Regardless, if he can’t handle the heat, he needs to stay out of the comments section!

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