Tuesday’s news items [video livestreaming; fathers' kids; Geppetto Award; $100 tip; legal notice & more] – 2/19/2019

“to the wire” | Columbia boys basketball team makes valiant try; loses to Camp Hill in district playoff Penn Livetransparency

“tremendous positive” | Just two of the words in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster editorial applauding Lancaster City’s recent move to record council meetings. In the editorial is this, too: Meanwhile, there are no two ways about this topic: We applaud Lancaster officials for arranging to livestream City Council meetings. It’s a win for transparency and for making local government proceedings available to more residents. And we tip our hats to city resident and former mayoral candidate Tony Dastra, who had been livestreaming City Council meetings since February 2017 on his own initiative. His laudable efforts seem to have paved the way to the city to now take on that role.”

On demand, too | Lancaster’s council meetings are online too.

Coming in Columbia, too | Columbia will begin live-streaming and placing videos of Council meetings at its Website too. At the February 12, meeting a test recording was to have happened but the camera crashed to the floor from its mount at the rear of the council chambers.

lancaster websiteGood idea incorporated into the City’s Website to solicit Customer feedback.

Among the best | Wegmans and Sheetz are on Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to work for” list. 

geppetto-pinocchio.pngYou, of course, remember Geppetto?

Bernie gets Geppetto Award | Yes … the Walton family does earn more in a minute than Walmart workers do in a year?The Washington Post

100 dollar tip

best story of the day | “N.J. cop’s $100 tip, touching note for pregnant diner waitress brought her to tears”Penn Live

Love ♥ scam | “Police: Lancaster Co. woman defrauded out of $110K by person she met online”FOX43-TV

Fathers’ kids | Vatican’s Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children” – The New York Times

2-27 zoning noticeLiving Stone Masonry, LLC special exception Zoning Hearing Notice – SOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster

“obsequiousness, arrogance and mawkishness” | That’s what Europe sees in No. 2The New York Times opinion column

equal representation | “… nation’s first all-LGBTQ city council tests the modern meaning of diversity”The Washington Post


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