Thursday’s news items (BIG; Methodist schism; cloistered politics & more] – 2/28/2019

FINALLY | February’s Final day. Tomorrow’s “Lion Day.”

Obituary | Paul (Skip) Leibfried Jr., Columbia Borough retiree


BIG ANIMALS | This Penn Live clickbait site is really interesting: “Wow! Gigantic Animals That Actually Exist”

“The cost of rain |More towns ask property owners to pay for stormwater plans”Penn Live

religious paradox| “United Methodist Denomination Votes to Expel LGBT Pastors and Pro-LGBT Churches”The Daily Beast

Guv’ment has been very, very good to me | This Lancaster Online article about Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace hiring of former US Representative candidate Jess King for $95,000. Government employment is indeed big (3.5 times bigger than five and a half decades ago), but dispersed to disguise its size.  And the pay checks for government jobs is relatively lucrative for many of these jobs; for instance, the median household income in Lancaster County is $61,492. This site shows the average Lancaster County worker’s annual income is $45,829. By comparison only 15 (roughly 13% of the employees) in the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development earn less than that. And then there are government workers health, vacation and other benefits; it’s long been known that government worker benefits exceed those earned by private sector.


Transparency seems a rare commodity in governments across Lancaster County | “County commissioner calls for transparency in personnel issues at district attorney’s office”Lancaster Online

Almost as transparent or it’s who you know | So recently each of Lancaster County’s primary political parties held their “endorsement conventions” to hand-pick their favorites to support in the upcoming elections: Republicans and Democrats.

Locally, the Columbia Republican Committee held its micro-version of this process as it announced at its facebook page, “Candidate interviews will be held Monday evening.” The Columbia Republican Committee consists of Jenna Geesey, Leo Lutz, Kathleen Lutz and Jonathan Lutz. In an email to Jenna Geesey, Columbia news, views & reviews asked about the Columbia Republican Committee endorsement announcement dated February 6, 2019.

We asked:

  1. The Press Release is dated February 6, 2019; to which media outlets was the Press Release released?
  2. Do you know which media resources conveyed the message to its audiences?
  3. On which general audience social media outlets did the Press Release appear before the February 22 posting at the What’s Happening in Columbia, Pa. and Surrounding Area facebook page?

Ms. Geesey responded in an email, “The attached press release was published on our Facebook page, The Lancaster County Republican Committee website and submitted to LNP.”

Talk about keeping it in the family! We found no mention of the news release at Lancaster Online nor the Lancaster County Republican Committee website. Unless someone is one of the 45 people who follow the Columbia Republican Committee’s facebook page, we wonder how many people who may be interested in being part of the democratic process find out about how to “seek the endorsement.” We wonder, too, why the process is so secretive and non-transparent within the Republican Committee in Columbia.

We suggested to Ms. Geesey that she broaden the Committee’s reach by submitting press releases to a wider array of media sources; we invited the committee include Columbia news, views & review and Columbia Spy to the list of news sources. In her email, she did not respond to our invitation, other than to say, “Thank you for your comments.”

Lititz gets more | market, hotel and a bistro – Lancaster Online

We shall see | US Representative Lloyd Smucker says, “it will also help bring jobs and economic growth,” about the soon to be approved Natural Resources Management Act.

Letter-to-the-editor | The vice president of the Eastern Lancaster County School Board has a published letter in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster that demands State Representative State Zimmerman resign.

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  1. What a shocker! Our beloved POTUS has been accused of being a racist, a conman, and a cheat. We already know that Trump is a liar.

    With such a person in the White House, one wonders what other people in the world think of this guy.

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