Friday’s news items [cannabis, UGI rate increase; 336 Locust Street sold & more] – 3/1/2019

“Eli Lilly’s Hazy MemoryA century ago, Eli Lilly and Company grew one of the nation’s largest cannabis farms to supply a variety of pharmaceuticals. Why does the drug maker seem determined to conceal the details of that history?” – Indianapolis Monthly

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News release | Columbia local rebrands Columbia Life Network Building as small business center 

Columbia, Pa. – Longtime Lancaster County native, Nelson Shertzer, purchased the Columbia Life Network building, located at 336 Locust Street, with a vision to support Columbia Life Network’s longevity in the community and launch small business and entrepreneurs from downtown Columbia. The new building will be rebranded as the IGNITE Building this Spring.

On Wednesday, February 27, Cimarron Investments sold the property in downtown Columbia to now-owner, Nelson Shertzer. Shertzer’s purchase of the building comes in an effort to provide Columbia Life Network and its partner agencies in the space new opportunities to better serve the people of Columbia. The building will be managed by Columbia based web designer, Sparrow Websites, who will be the core tenant in the building as they expand their growing business.

The IGNITE Building will feature renovated offices and vacancies for new tenants and entrepreneurs and offer coworking spaces, shared conference rooms, and classroom space. Sparrow Websites is renovating the back end of the building to accommodate classroom areas for upcoming trainings and seminars on growing your small business online and digital branding.

New office spaces will be available for rent beginning April 1, 2019. If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or nonprofit advocate interested in joining this exciting new small business community, visit for availability and more information, or contact Sparrow Websites at 717-537-1311.

Follow along with rebranding efforts of the IGNITE Building and announcements on the upcoming local reveal of the new space at and follow #IgniteColumbia on social media. – news release 

Mount joy holdingsNew owner | Mount Joy Holdings, LLPis the new owner of 336 Locust Street. Shertzer Enterprises, LLCof Washington Boro is listed as an officer of Mount Joy Holdings, LLP. The selling price for the structure at 336 Locust Street is $290,000.

Upward | “UGI residential bills rising 7.2% effective March 1” Lancaster Online

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  1. Eli Lilly company may think it’s bad for their business, since J. Edgar Hoover, long-time head of the FBI, got marijuana and hemp made illegal and had it classified as a narcotic, which is blatantly false. It is likely millions of people in the US may still think this is true and refuse to do business with Eli Lilly. We must remember that corporations always believe the adage: Money uber alles.

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