Saturday’s news items, part 2 [grants vs revolving loans; Columbia Concerned Citizens meeting; gun nuts & more] – 3/2/2019

Where there’s a will … | The lead paragraph in an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster says,

“State officials remain adamant that Lancaster’s City Revitalization & Improvement Zone authority is not allowed to set up a revolving loan program for small businesses.

“But the state concedes the CRIZ program may disburse grants. So this week, the CRIZ board voted to set aside $250,000 for a small-business grant fund.”

Are you CRIZY? | This mandated shift will allow for grants for small businesses. But CRIZ leaders are going to petition the state to allow “revolving loan programs” to fit into the state’s narrative. The article continues that, to date, the revolving loan program has only been used by large corporations for hotel projects. Here’s a link to a slew of state “programs and funding plans.”

“Airbnb grows in Pa.’s quaint tourist towns | but some see risk to safety, quality of life”Lebanon Daily News

ccc ver 2-25-2019Still slated for tomorrow, though weather conditions may change this – stay tuned for updates.

Stealing steal | Well, sheet metal in this Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch report. The Police Log in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shows The Manheim Police Department charged “David Brearly, 41, of Columbia, with resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after an incident Feb. 17 in the first block of Market Square.”

Can money buy happiness? | It appears it does for Phillie fans; let’s see if it produces more than  ticket sales.”

Ouch | Gun nuts – FOX43-TV

Really? | “This is a dog of a lawsuit” Penn Record

Snow Emergency | According to WGAL-TV8‘s snow closings & delays page, Denver Borough’s the first to declare a “Snow Emergency.”

Even councillors make dumb decisions | “Pa. councilman charged with stealing $16,400 in opioids from drug store” WITF

Not sure | Why are $100 bills becoming popular?MarketPlace

Humiliation? | Some elected public servants don’t know the meaning of the word.The Atlantic



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