Scenes from Columbia Concerned Citizens meeting earlier today

Despite the ominous forecasts for significant snowfall, over 65 people came to an informational meeting this afternoon at the Columbia Watch & Clock Museum, 514 Poplar Street, Columbia, PA.

ccc ver 2-25-2019

Before the meeting began, an ad hoc group of citizens welcomed everyone; representatives of the group asked the meeting attendees whether they’d like to be advised about progress reports via email and whether they’d like to hold membership in the Columbia Concerned Citizens Association [CCCA]. An overwhelming number of those attending paid a $5.00 membership fee.

The CCCA presented its case concerning grievances against certain borough actions concerning the “revolving loan program” and other perceived inconsistencies and actions.

The CCCA promised transparency in its existence; today’s meeting was video recorded and the video recording will be displayed at Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy sometime tomorrow.

In the interim, here is a 10 minute mobile device recording of the beginning of the meeting as Norman Meiskey, a former borough manager, spoke to the assembled citizens. Be sure to click on this link: “Watch this video on YouTube.”

VIDEO SOURCE – Ethan The Farmer



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