Thursday’s news items [Police log; leaving FOX; hibernating bear live streaming & more] – 3/7/2019


In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster POLICE LOG | “LANCASTER TOWNSHIP – Ryheem Jenkins, 40, of Columbia, was charged with single counts of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop for an inspection sticker violation Feb. 28 along Columbia Avenue at Jackson Drive, police said.”

Transition | FOX43-TV’s Ali BradleyPenn Live

So cool to watch | Pennsylvania Game Commission’s black bear den livestream.

The mark of despotism | “Report: Government kept tabs on journalists, ‘instigators'”WITF

Bankrupt thinking | POTUS’s trade policy leads to record high $891 Billion trade deficit The New York Times

Probably | Is Eating Deli Meat Really That Bad for You?”The New York Times

corporate welfare

  • David Kitner has a pizza shop in Middletown, about three miles away from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. Each year, workers at the plant order a lot of food from him — they account for about 10 to 15 percent of his business’ revenue.
  • He’s one of the people concerned about the ripple effects of Three Mile Island closing this year — which owner Exelon says will happen unless state lawmakers intervene.
  • But the head of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber says the potential number of jobs lost if TMI closes is “not that big of a number” when you look at the entire region. Exelon is not one of the top 10 employers in the county.
  • If you’re interested in who the biggest employers are across the state and in each county, PennLive has this handy list. 

SOURCE: The Context, a newsletter from PA Post

chain link fence

See this? | The above is posted at a local facebook page. The poster may want to consider looking into the fencing along Heritage Drive instead. According to a borough elected public servant, the cost for that ornamental fencing is cheaper than ordinary chain link fencing.

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