Friday’s news items [you let us down, JW; sixtysomething on Sunday & more] – 3/8/2019

Exempt from real life | Rich white folks The Guardian

Here too | Upper income (wealthier) DA’s too – Lancaster Online

But | He fits the mold & will be elected to a judgeship because it’s, well, Lancaster County.

Buying their way in | So, that’s who paid for the inauguration that was so poorly attended The Guardian

john wright logo

Come on, John Wright | How can you have such a nice place with such a great view and such a lousy food serving inspection? – PA Department of Agriculture

Old building conversion | Downtown bowling, now there’s an idea. Lancaster Online

Does anyone really care? |About Micky D?Lancaster Online

sheriff sales

Some Columbia properties | on this list.

Law’s flaws | Right to knowPenn Live

Sixty and some | on Sunday


  1. If more people were to read these inspection comments, the John Wright Restaurant could lose lots of business. Apparently, the staff isn’t trained about cleanliness.

  2. Exempt From Real Life from The Guardian tells it correctly. And it is likely the POTUS, another rich white guy, will pardon Manafort. And even if he doesn’t, Rich Paul will no doubt have all the comforts of home away from home in what is called “prison.” Unfortunately, that is Real Life for the filthy rich.

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