Tuesday’s news items [Bye, Big Bird; meeting tonight & more] – 3/12/2019

Swimming against the tide | Lancaster Online‘s editorial is worth your time 

Council meeting | tonight @ 7:00 pm

Legal Notice | Borough seeks sealed bidsLancaster Online

Public meeting | Grave Concern will be holding a quarterly public meeting and program. Wednesday  March  20, 2019   7:00 PM at the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road – Route 30 East, Lancaster, PA 17602-1499
(717) 393-9745. Title: Shaarai Shomayim Cemetery – A Stroll Through History. Presented by  David Brener: historian, genealogist and  author. This meeting is free and open to the public. Grave Concern is an organization dedicated to the history, preservation and restoration of historical burial places. – news release


Goodbye, Big Bird | “Trump wants to kill federal funding for PBS and NPR (again); it won’t happen, but it’s still damagingNiemanLab

devastating: impact on care for seniors | hospitals fret about Medicare payment cuts Lancaster Online

Price gouging | “Why do some gas stations charge more for fuel than others in the same general geographic location?” Futurity


Best ever | “‘Captain Marvel’ Has Best Global Debut For Solo Female-Led Film Ever”Newsy

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