More Thursday news items, part 2 [Monarchs, pi day; street sweeping resumes; gas prices & more] – 3.1416


boost the monarch butterfly population | Mow your lawnFuturity


pi day | Record breaking calculationForbes

“If a city is short on cash | it can pressure law enforcement to vigorously crack down on conduct — like traffic infractions, code violations, or drug offenses—that is punished with fines. One study of North Carolina found that a 10 percent drop in a county’s revenue resulted in officers writing 6 percent more traffic tickets.” – The Atlantic

Bullying at school response | Dad with “loaded semiautomatic gun.”The Washington Post

street sweeping

Gas creep | Is is because spring’s here? Is it collusion? Something’s causing the recent spike in gas prices!Gas Buddy

Yep | “Federal Court Deals Airbnb a Blow in its Fight Against Local Regulations” – Route Fifty

non-profit profits | College football is a major non-profit racket. Here’s Penn Live‘s scroll-bait list of “the richest and poorest Power Five college football programs.”

OPINION | “Has the Catholic Church committed the worst crime in U.S. history?” – The Washington Post



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