Thursday’s news items [bad day for JC; Susquehanna National Heritage Area designation; on the ballot; Community HealthChoices is coming & more] – 3/15/2019

“Will the heritage area receive money? | According to this York Daily Record article,

“Yes. The organization will receive $150,000 to get the national heritage area up and running, (President of Susquehanna Heritage Mark) Platts said. The amount will likely go up to $300,000 annually after a management plan is approved. The money requires a match.

“The money could be used for interpretive signs at historic sites, renovations of historic properties, the creation of maps or websites, and to run programs, such as boat tours.

“The organization plans to run a pilot boat tour on the river this summer with some funding already in place. The money for the national heritage area could be used to sustain the operation into the future, Platts said.

“The money also can be used for consultants and staff.”

ides of march

a bad day for JC | the Ides of – But Shakespeare coined the phrase.

The truth about St. Patrick’s Day | The Irish continue to express gratitude for St. Patrick’s unselfish commitment to their spiritual well-being, even as the rest of the world celebrates by drowning in booze.” – The Conversation

“Pa. 2019 municipal primary | Key dates and what you need to know”PA Post

Choice in Columbiafrom data at the Lancaster County Board of Elections. Unofficial Municipal Candidate List for the May 21, 2019 Municipal Primary

Countywide candidates | announced for May electionLancaster Online

Yeah, right | OPINION: An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is headlined, “Party mum on how it will respond; Revoking judge nomination unprecedented, unlikely.” The article refers to the Republican Party’s consternation about the judgeship election because of the illicit, unethical charges and the current district attorney — and the hand-picked choice for judge. Should not be an issue; the party should find someone else, but it won’t. What’s a little ethics violation smudge when picking someone for the judiciary?

Letter writer asks | “Why does District Attorney Craig Stedman need a media specialist? No other county department seems to find it necessary to fund the cost of a full-time spokesperson. Not the county commissioners, not the county judges, not the sheriff, etc.” Why, indeed?

beginning 2020

Making America Grate AGAIN | “Rigging an already-rigged system”The Boston Globe


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