“Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in.”

Another great Webinar | More than 113 people tuned into this morning’s Webinar announced on Sunday at Columbia news, views & reviews:

Another Webinar | “Sunshine Act Training – This FREE Webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. REGISTER HERE.

bright sunshine

“Sunshine Week | More government secrets just when we need transparency to detect fake news”USA Today

It is gratifying to have so many people wanting to learn more about Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act.

What’s most curious, and more than slightly disturbing, were some of the questions posed that seemed to want to keep information from citizens.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records was on hand to respond authoritatively to questions:

“(This is Erik Arneson, the OOR’s executive director.) A clarification: Meeting notices must, by law, be advertised in a newspaper with a PAID circulation.

“Here is the specific language from the Sunshine Act: ‘Publication of notice of the place, date and time of a meeting in a newspaper of general circulation, as defined by 45 Pa.C.S. § 101 (relating to definitions), which is published and circulated in the political subdivision where the meeting will be held, or in a newspaper of general circulation which has a bona fide paid circulation in the political subdivision equal to or greater than any newspaper published in the political subdivision.’”

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