Lieutenant Governor brings marijuana listening session to Lancaster County

Listening to civil discourse | Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (above, center) was joined on the stage at Millersville University’s Ware Center in downtown Lancaster tonight by Pennsylvania Representatives Mike Sturla (left) and Mark Gillen (right) to bring Pennsylvania’s “listening tour” on the subject of legalized recreational marijuana to Lancaster County.

The Ware Center’s 350-seat theatre was filled to capacity and there were several standing (A tweet in this article reports there were 425 people in the room) as persons in the audience lined up to deliver 90 seconds of testimony either “pro” (in favor of), “con” (against) or in the middle of the topic. The lieutenant governor explained his purpose was to listen to people in every county across the state. He asked the audience to be civil when listening to speakers who spoke to both sides of the issue.

The lieutenant governor has been directed by the governor to hold listening sessions in every county across the commonwealth. He was accompanied tonight by his wife and children; he introduced his wife as Pennsylvania’s “second lady.”

See a list of scheduled events or access the online feedback form here.

In a “raise your hands if you’re …” vote was taken and it appeared that the pro-legalization of marijuana was about a two-thirds majority.

Persons who spoke addressed topics that included:

  • marijuana is / is not addictive
  • marijuana is / is not a gateway drug
  • marijuana is / is not a dangerous drug
  • the criminalization of marijuana has ruined lots of lives of people who’ve been arrested for possession
  • marijuana arrests and convictions unfairly have targeted non-white people
  • restriction of marijuana use is a violation of personal liberties

“Watch live: Lt. Gov John Fetterman’s marijuana listening tour stops in Lancaster |

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