“scenes seen” and “thoughts thought” on a Sunday afternoon

10,000 steps | We know that’s the buzzword target number; yesterday’s 7,233 was short of that goal, but it’s OK says this LiveScience article.

Though not a warm day walk, we saw the signs of spring.

1Around here, it “Darwinian gardening.” Only the most hearty and resilient will survive in our low-maintenance (“low-effort”) soil.

2Another hearty and resilient favorite | statice. We’re looking ahead to watch this butterfly champion grow again.

magnoliaThe aromatic magnolia tree buds are waiting more warm days.

3There’ll be a happier cat soon because the catnip jungle is springing forth.

7.jpgMore sprouting along the walk.

Walked past these unwanted yellow page books by the mailboxes in front of two homes. An example of “shotgun advertising” or not identifying a target audience. Or a horse and buggy medium in a digital world.

8Maybe lots of people read the “hold-it-in-your-hands” newspaper the way we do. It’s delivered each day, and many days, we don’t bring it inside until the afternoon or evening. We read more than a few newspapers online early in the morning. We often read the “hold-it-in-your-hands” newspaper in the evening. In reading the tangible newspaper, we sometimes find items of interest that may have been missed or scrolled through online. It remains a nostalgic treat. But on the walk yesterday afternoon, we spied nine other homes with the newspaper in the drive. Can that many subscribers do what we do?



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