Wednesday’s news items [open discussion; civility & more] – 3/20/2018

This is now | Turkey Hill Dairy soon will be in the hands of an affiliate of an affiliate of Peak Rock Capital.

Tossing grass | Just as golfers toss a pinch of grass into the air to check wind direction, Lancaster City’s inviting citizens and people who use the city’s parking resources to comment on a draft of the city’s parking study. Good idea. – Lancaster Online

Lititz PD tours social media stats | In the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s, Lititz’s police spokesperson claims “The department now has a social media presence with more than 2.7 million readers, including the department’s pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Crimewatch. They offer updates on everything from the latest lost dog to navigating an upcoming special event.” Understand the media phrase “duplicated audience.”

Columbia Borough facebook comments | The Governor’s impending visit to Columbia today has sparked comments as this at the Borough’s facebook page: “Hopefully he understands the difference between revitalization infrastructure and forcing through sleazy, personal agendas, unlike our current borough council.”

3 - 27 myth buster

obituary workshop

First day of Spring “Free Cone Day” | At “participating” (whatever that means, but is confusing) DQ’s and Rita’sPenn Live

Civility is | “Civility is actually used to shut down discussion. It is often a way to ‘tone police’ the folks that don’t have power, and that don’t speak in four syllable words.” NPR

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