Thursday’s news items [house history; Columbia’s in the news; pump madness; dead livestreaming & more] – March 21, 2019

old house

“What’s the history of your house? | How to use local records to find out”Lancaster Online

extreme measures | man killed over marijuana plantsFOX43-TV

ever higher | “‘Madness at the pumps’ as gas prices race higher, according to GasBuddy”Penn Live

another report | FOX43-TV reports on Governor’s visit to Columbia as the video shows: “politics makes strange bedfellows.”

page one newsIt’s page one news in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Red-Telephone“ethics complaint filed against a local elected official | Is the complaint a public record?”Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

where is the video

Good question | LIP News hits hard. When the City of Lancaster took over the “livestreaming” and promised posting of council meetings, there was initial applause and euphoria about transparency. But, in reality, there have been glitches. Read LIP News to find out more. Why does government expect to earn the trust and confidence of citizens when mis-truths continue.

same ideology; different day | A regular Manor Township letter-to-the-editor  writer is at it again; sticking up for everything “red” — even questionable practices.

55? | The Lancaster County Conservancy facebook page announcement: Thank you to the 55 community members who came out to the Public Trails Forum at Columbia Crossing this past weekend! Hikers, bikers, fishers, paddlers, cross-country skiers, hunters, horseback riders, and more provided feedback on and learned more about local, regional, and water trails in our community! (photos, too.)

Corporate responsibility? | “Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018″Yahoo news

Nah, not in guv’mint? | “Patrick Shanahan, acting defense secretary, has shilled for Boeing and disparaged Boeing competitors like Lockheed Martin during internal meetings. By the way, Shanahan worked for Boeing for 31 years. Shanahan, who has no government or policy experience, signed an ethics agreement when Trump appointed him promising not to weigh in on matters involving Boeing. Maybe he didn’t read it.”Boston Globe newsletter




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