Sunday’s news items [trails forum; food inspections & more; council meeting agenda? & more] – 3/24/2019

Council meeting packet and agenda | Columbia’s Tuesday meeting agenda is posted at the Website, here is the link: 03-26-19 Columbia Borough Council Agenda and Meeting Packet


55 attended | “The Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee (PTAC), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), and Lancaster County Conservancy held a Public Trails Forum at Columbia Crossing on Saturday, March 16, 2019. This well attended trails event provided opportunities to learn about local and regional land and water trail connections. The 55 attendees visited five stations facilitated and/or supported by partnering organizations including PTAC, the Conservancy, National Park Service, Martic Township Rail Trail Advisory Committee, Lancaster County Planning Commission, and DCNR. The public and members from various user groups provided feedback all about trails.” – Public Trails Forum – Overview & Summary of Feedback

The Public Trails Forum offered in-person and online surveys designed to collect data for these topic areas:

  • Management and Maintenance of Existing Trails
  • Planning and Construction of New Trails
  • Access to Trails and Use of Public Lands
  • Trails Funding – Municipal, County and State
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Community Outreach – County, Municipal and Public Planning and Collaboration

Click here to read the Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee Public Trails Forum – Overview & Summary of Feedback for the March 16 session.

The forum garnered input from persons from a wide geography about the broader Pennsylvania network of trails, so responses were not specific to the Northwest River Trail that currently “ends or begins” in Columbia. There are multiple access points along the trail.

Among the observations in this topic area of Management and Maintenance of Existing Trails was “trail etiquette.” A light version of “rules of the trail” are on this brochure. And the Rails to Trails Conservancy has these SIX GOLDEN RULES FOR TRAILS.”There’s a separate short video for each of the “Six Golden Rules.”



Lancaster County’s (except Columbia’s) inspections for March 22 at Lancaster Online. – Golly, anyone who visit Parma Pizza  in Marietta really ought to pay attention to the inspection history for this place.  Weis Markets is on a roll, too, last week it was the Weis Markets on Millersville Pike racking up the violations — this week, it’s the Columbia / West Hempfield Township one. C’mon, Weis, can’t Customers expect better? Lancaster’s Neptune Diner once was a good place to have an occasional breakfast; this place is going downhill as it’s “follow-up inspection” repeats some of the violations identified in the initial inspection. who’s in charge?

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide. It is another instance of a purposeful lack of transparency.

lucky neighbor | Wrightsville gets grant to “enhance stormwater drainage”Lancaster Online

Who else will be lucky? | PowerBall is close to $750,000,000Winner can provide a “revolving loan” to Columbia.

april 1Lisa Graybill, the Director, Columbia Public Library, reminds everyone, “This is an opportunity for all in the community to share their ideas and opinions.  PLEASE ATTEND IF YOU CAN!  Monday, April 1, at 6 PM (this is NOT an April Fool’s joke!!) “


  1. What group is holding this 2040 library meeting? Is the information gathered being passed on to borough officials?

  2. This is as submitted; most likely, it’s being presented by the Borough.

    At a recent borough council meeting, the Borough Zoning & Planning Officer said that there’ll be “announced” community meetings to gather citizen and stakeholder observations. Maybe this is one of those?

  3. Lisa Greybill, the Library’s director, confirmed in an email that Jeff Helm is the facilitator for this event. Best bet is to give him for more information a call at 717-684-2467 x7323. Or send him an email:

    Wonder, though, why this information, since it’s a borough function, isn’t posted at the borough’s Website and / or facebook page?

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