Wednesday’s news items [two longer reads; live streaming; heater still running? & more] – 3/27/2019

Another PA 1st | First gay President The Morning Call


No news is … no news | As newspapers across the antion continue to shrink and fold, the real lack of information is creating vacuums that inspire corruption, cloaked government decisions and worse. This New Yorker article about a once-vibrant newspaper shares, “There are now more than a thousand communities in the United States that have no local news source whatsoever.”

When a “nuke” site closes | PA Post looks at what’s happened — in another state when a nuclear generation plant ceases operation. What’s the impact on taxes, housing, the economy and more? This “longer” read is a read-world case-study from Illinois.

Live-streaming | We’re really impressed with the live-streaming and video posting of council meetings from Lancaster, CaliforniaLancaster, OhioMiddletown, Pennsylvania.

crooked car dealer? | never happens, but …Lancaster Online

“Weather 101 | This explains the chill that’s keeping your heat running at night” The Morning Call


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