Council meeting live on Borough facebook page

Not feeling well? Working late? Meeting conflict? Kids activities? | Want to attend the council meeting but can’t … there are alternatives. Watch the meeting livestreamed or archived. Middletown’s: Yes. Lancaster’s: Yes & No. Columbia’s: Y-E-S-S-S.

livestreamedat the Columbia Borough facebook page now

Bad audio | While it’s a giant step forward for Columbia-kind; it’s really hard to hear what’s being said say most of those tuned in.

State food serving inspections | The Borough Manager just said, the borough is working to have the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s state inspection process be the food-serving establishment inspection mode for the borough.

Inaudible | The Borough manager reported at 8:14 pm that the meeting is being livestreamed and she knows the audio is not great. She asked for understanding and pledged to find a way to get this remedied. She asked for patience and understanding, because she’s never done facebook livestreaming before.

Vote for lunch | “ELCO students vote on next year’s cafeteria selection”LebTown


  1. Very happy about the live-streaming! Still have to attend the meetings if one wants to make comments or ask questions. Great alternative for most residents.

    • We, too, are thrilled the borough’s making the step. Last night’s streaming was imperfect, but a move forward. Audio, however, has to be improved,keeping in mind that many people have hearing loss.

      We prefer Lancaster’s camera placement and audio in this clip from last night’s meeting:

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