Tuesday’s news items [politicians lie & who didn’t know that?; council meeting tonight; baseball’s back & more] – 3/26/2019


Borough council meeting tonight at 7:00 pm | Agenda herepoliticians lie

Really? Politicians lie? | “Political Candidates Don’t Always Tell the Truth (And You Can’t Make Them)”StateLine

Senator is resigning | “The worst thing anyone in public office can do is believe the office belongs to them, rather than to the people they represent.” Another reason for term limits in all elected offices, everywhere. –  Politico

“‘Unprecedented’ Flooding” | YupStateLine

3 - 27 myth busterLibrary programming for Columbia’s older adult audience.

What’s the big deal here? | The Reading Eagle‘s multi-millionaire owner lends money to one of his enterprises that’s having difficult times. That’s nothing any small-business enterprise owner has not done.

Separation of church & state? | not so much at the PA House of Representatives Opening Prayer March 25, 2019

Perry County is like Lancaster County | at least when it comes to opinions about legalized marijuana Penn Live

“Rolled joints for aching joints | More seniors are using cannabis”The Los Angeles Times

Just another day | Columbia’s Police Department’s CrimeWatch log yesterday: drugs; simple assault; fraud; DUIs & more.


It’s a first for baseball | All 30 teams will play on opening day US Census Bureau

Dental tourism | “Mexico’s got it all: warm beaches, margaritas, root canals”MarketPlace

It’s done | but is it over?The New Yorker



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