Friday’s news items [page 3 news; ENJ queen; Internet stats & more] – 3/29/2019

page 3 news

Shaking our heads | Enter the RWNJ / ENJ (Right wing nut job and evangelical nut job) combo queen – Penn Live

Special rules for churches? | “Trump Administration Wades Into Local Zoning Dispute, Backing a Church Over a Village”Route Fifty

Ah, those trusted principals | “Catholic school principal, deacon stole $150K in church funds: detectives”Penn Live

my cd

Census Bureau’s tool | “Since the new Congress was sworn in on Jan. 3 and the midterm elections in November, interest in the U.S. Census Bureau’s My Congressional District (My CD) tool has remained high. My CD gives users quick and easy access to selected statistics collected by the Census Bureau through the American Community Survey (ACS) and County Business Patterns (CBP).

The ACS provides detailed demographic, social, economic and housing statistics updated each year for the nation’s communities. CBP provides annual statistics for businesses with paid employees at a detailed geography and industry level.

While the tool is often used by congressional staff on Capitol Hill for planning and managing constituent outreach, campaigns seeking Congressional office make use of it as well. Others, such as media, use it for research and articles.

internet use

Not as exceptional as some think | Internet use across the globe continues to expand  dramatically — growth in other nations eclipses North America’s. – Internet World Stats

fake news

“Fake News | the present issue that affects the future” WikiTribune

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