Saturday’s news items [you scratch my back …; homophobic stance; Columbia Railroad Day & more] – 4/6/2019


Susquehanna Glass | “When An 110-Year-Old Company Needs A Digital Upgrade”

Hit & run | On South Ninth Street Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

“After bankruptcy | Sears launches smaller stores”MarketPlace

tone deaf? | Star Barn’s homophobic stance draws commentsLancaster Online

It’s a club thing | “Lancaster County police chiefs vouch for District Attorney Craig Stedman as controversy swirls” Lancaster Online

rr day

Progressive? Nah, not us. | “A number of business and trade industry associations on Thursday voiced opposition to Gov. Tom Wolf’s Restore Pennsylvania initiative, which would be funded by a severance tax on natural gas extraction.” – The Beaver County Times

It’s the way Hitler did it | Stack the deck first: “Trump lawyer calls on Treasury to reject Democrats’ demand for tax returns until Justice Dept. weighs in” The Washington Post

Veterans in Wonderland | Military service has fostered collaboration The New York Times

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