Thursday’s news items [older renters; kick ’em when they’re down; law suits; grants & more] – 4/11/2019

“Mortgage No More | Baby Boomers Who Rent Are On the Rise”  In the past decade, there was a 43 percent increase in renters over the age of 60. The trend brings with it new challenges — and benefits — for cities. – Governing

forfeiture leaderSOURCE: LNP – from an article in today’s Always Lancaster

“Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down” | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster states, “The Institute for Justice contends that Pennsylvania has one of the worst civil asset forfeiture laws in the country.” The article say that the Institute for Justice has taken on as a “gratis” project ” LNP Media Group’s (cause) in its open-records battle with Lancaster County’s district attorney over cash and property seized during drug investigations.” Lancaster County’s district attorney’s action of using drug task force money for his own personal benefit is just one of the grievous ways the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania is stacked against persons charged and / or convicted in the “system.”

pipeline suitThe Institute for Justice is also working on behalf of Lancaster County plaintiffs in a  Pennsylvania lawsuit that is now being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court—a case with national implications as more natural gas pipelines are constructed and crisscross our country.

Class Action law suite in Seattle | “Just because residents rent—rather than own—their homes does not mean that they relinquish their constitutional rights.” | That’s another case the Institute for Justice is tackling; “When it comes to respecting the property and privacy rights of its residents, the city of Seattle treats its rental tenants as second-class citizens by forcing them to allow government-mandated inspectors into their homes, without first getting a warrant.” The Institute for Justice is defending tenants in this cause.

“Here’s a thought. | Have a town hall in person where you can actually look people in the eye and have a give and take conversation!” One of the comments at US Representative Lloyd Smucker’s facebook page; this one is about the Representative’s April 8 town hall meeting announcement.

Lloyd’s for it; Dipsticks McConnell and the DIC against | “House votes to restore net neutrality rules”FOX43-TV

His bill | “U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-PA) introduced a bill outlawing blocking and throttling of internet content to ensure the internet is a free and open space for consumers.”The Representative’s Website

Grantees | Two area initiatives received grants from the Lancaster Bicycle ClubEast Donegal Township, for installing bike racks at East Donegal Township Riverfront Park along the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail and Marietta Borough, for a bike repair station near Northwest Lancaster County River Trail.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

Susquehanna Boat Tours | That’s what the Susquehanna Heritage Center chief wants – ABC27-TV


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