Friday’s news items, part 2 [citizens’ group “gofundme” page; Municipal Briefs; H.A.R.B & more] – 4/12/2019


Citizens group | The Columbia Concerned Citizens Association [CCCA] has a GoFundMe page “Because CCCA is going to court!!! … we are respectfully asking for contributions to help cover legal and court costs (estimated to be $20,000 to $50,000) to fight an arrogant and irresponsible town council and mayor to repeal an unnecessary, burdensome, and excessive property tax ordinance (over 21% increase) and a revolving loan fund ordinance authorizing $1.5 million of taxpayer dollars to be lent to corporate entities for their use and profit when Article IX Section 9 of the Pa. State Constitution states.”

Website & facebook info | The citizens’ organization has a Website and facebook page.

“approachable, responsive” leadership | This Lancaster Online article (“Tale of three cities: Harrisburg, Lancaster, York mayors outline their visions”) is worth reading – if you can get around the paywall). Each of the mayors “pleaded for more cooperation from their surrounding municipalities and their county governments — more partnership in planning, and especially more willingness to share the cost of social services.” Lancaster’s mayor, Danene Sorace pointed to her city’s Website and (said) progress will be tracked there so residents can see if its goals are being met.” This mayor is really reaching out to its citizens with meetings in numerous venues.

cola muni brief.jpgColumbia’s Tuesday night meeting is in today’s Municipal Briefs – LNP – Always Lancaster.

 H.A.R.B. Why? | Why does Columbia have a Historic Architectural Reviews Board? Because it’s in the ordinances.

Number of other Lancaster County boroughs with a H.A.R.B.? | ONE

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  1. Park design, as have many fields, has become myopic. The designers design to impress other park designers without thought of what regular people want. The design for the river park is a joke and a great disservice to the community. It also totally ignores the possibility of increased water levels and flooding in the future, and it duplicates services that currently exist with the Crossings building.

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