Saturday’s news items from elsewhere, part 2 [civility; arrests; death of local journalism; “belligerent pasta eating & more] – 4/13/2019

“Renegade Nuns?” | Yes, and they’re right next door.The New Yorker

UPDATE | “Join CCCA for a Membership Drive and Fundraiser on Saturday, April 13” – Columbia Concerned Citizens Association

Same outcome | White woman, charged with theft, makes bail not jail. Just one more in a long string of citations at the Magisterial District Courts Docket Sheets Website.

Not this one, though | “York woman accused of trying to buy 2 iPhones with fraudulent ID, credit card” • “York County Prison County Jail Unable to Post Bail 04/11/2019” – FOX43-TV

Did you know this is a crime? | Belligerent pasta eatingFOX43-TV

Great question | “If local journalism is ‘dying in plain sight,’ what are you going to do about it?”

civilTalking about controversial topics with your political opposite can feel like an exercise in futility. One tip, experts say, is to establish common ground as quickly as you can.” – Malte Mueller/Getty Images/fStop

“Keeping It Civil | How To Talk Politics Without Letting Things Turn Ugly”NPR

Who can you trust if not a brother? | Charged: Ex-cop steals over $315K from Fireman’s Relief Association The Morning Call

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