Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [Bernie in Bethlehem; cathedral fire pictures; Columbia 2040 & more] – 4/17/2019

Bernie draws them | “Fox News Bernie Sanders Bethlehem town hall draws nearly 2.6 million viewers” – The Morning Call

They spread it too. | Trump’s campaign will target seniors on facebook and why not seniors believe most of the fake news on facebook.

FRANCE-FIRE-NOTRE DAMEPhotos and video of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris – The Washington Post

OPINION COLUMN | “Politically Uncorrected: Incivility and its Discontents!”BCTV

Letter-to-the-editor on corporate welfare | This is a reader’s thought in The Morning Call: “On Oct. 3, 2008, President Bush signed a $700 billion bank bailout bill called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Also in 2008 taxpayers bailed out GM and Chrysler. This past tax year 60 top corporations paid zero taxes under Trump’s tax law reforms. So why is this not considered socialism, but Medicare and college for all (through taxation) is?”

Killers kill | “Sex, alcohol and violence collided in murder case ensnaring SEALs and Marines – The Washington Post

RWNJ conspiracy theories | Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck and their ilk incite on the Notre Dame fire. The Washington Post

Lancaster County’s highest | According to this Website, Lancaster County’s got the highest tax rate in the State.

Columbia’s highest | According to the County Website, Columbia’s got the highest combined — municipal and school — tax rates in the county.

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