Thursday’s news items [clean-up; slower growth; Paris fire response; renters rule & more] – 4/18/2019

Governor visits Marietta | Tries to pitch severence taxLancaster Online

good - bad news

All depends | Just as today’s “disclosure” of the “heavily redacted” Mueller Report is like local divisiveness: Good (AKA “positive”) news and bad “negative”) news all depends on the side one sits on. And there (Wonderland) and here, some folks resort to condescension, name calling and feeble talking down to others.

spring clean upSpring Clean-up information is posted a the Borough Website and facebook page.

2040 Listening sessionThis Columbia 2040 session is too.

Lancaster County growth slows | According to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, a US Census Bureau report says that Lancaster County’s population growth is not as great as other counties as is York County’s for example. The article says the county “once again saw more people leave than move in. The county had a net loss of 899 people through domestic migration.” Take a look at US Census data comparing Lancaster and York Counties’ and Columbia’s demographics. Columbia should be adding more people, but growth is stagnant.

Satisfying demand | No matter what the “naysayers” keep saying about renters, demand says people who want to rent outweigh people who want to own. Look at what’s proposed in Lancaster.

conservationSOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster

Fire service prepared | Responses and after-action assessments by KITA’s (the know-it-all DIC) and others fail to grasp the monumental task firefighters and responders faced. Though “Paris’s firefighters were prepared for potential calamity. Scores of them drilled regularly for just such an emergency at Notre-Dame.” Pre-planning for all structure fires, collapses, etc., but particularly difficult and challenging ones, is what every competent fire department does. We’ve interacted with fire chiefs and officers in several European nations and found them to have keen insight into the science of fire and fire fighting. This New York Times article shares some of the preparedness and actions of the responders. For example, there’s an “on-site firefighter, posted daily at a command post on the floor of the structure, and a security agent” always on duty at the Cathedral.

Deserved | “France to hold daylong tribute to Notre Dame firefighters” – WITF


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