Thursday’s news items, part 2 [K-9 support; wanted: “elected public servants” like this; Columbia’s choices & more] – 4/18/2019

lititz K-9

K-9 for Lititz | While the third largest most populous borough in the county regularly resists K-9 support for its citizenry, the growing fourth most populous community has reached its fund-raising goal to establish a K-9 unit.

Why … | can’t we get legislators like Representative Katie Porter?Yahoo Business News

Watch the video as she asks “JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon about low wages over low wages: When asked how an employee can make ends meet while working full time at the bank, Dimon said, “’I don’t know, I’d have to think about it.’”

Watch the overbearing, arrogant and haughty testimony of the chieftains of banks in this CSPAN video.

Maybe this is our chance | Maybe this high school senior is one of our saviors; Warwick High School senior Jocelyn Brechbill’s letter-to-the-editor is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

vote them outThere’s an election coming (albeit a primary and mostly meaningless one for non-affiliated voters) and here’s every thinking person’s opportunity to vote out those “elected public servants” who do not serve the will of the citizenry they represent.

cruising for cats

From the Columbia Spy facebook page | Facebook campaign pages for local office seekers:

Apologies to any other candidates who may have campaign facebook pages or websites; please let us know so we can share links to your pages too.

sample ballot

This is a “redacted” view of the Sample Ballot at the County Board of Elections Website showing only the local candidates for school board of directors and borough council.

copy from response

talk about a school board in disarray | This one Penn Live

The same three | Power, sex & money! And this is how the opioid addiction grew to kill peopleThe Boston Globe


  1. Indeed, primary elections are ( in most cases) a political party function. Why should I, an unaffiliated voter, pay for them through taxpayer funded elections? The parties should have the opportunity to select their candidates as they see fit, and pay for it too. The Clinton/ Shultz rigging of the democratic primary shows what a sham the whole thing is.

    We should never forget Donna Brazil puffing up and proclaiming “I’m a good Christian woman,” when confronted about passing questions to Clinton before her debate with the Burn. She later admitted it was true. If there is a Hell, it should have a special place reserved for anyone who tries to hide their lies behind Jesus’ skirt. May she burn forever; I intend to stop by to mock her and help stoke the fire.

  2. Many are calling for open primary elections, where any eligible voter can vote in either the D or the R primary.

  3. Thanks for sharing my link, and the links of other candidates. It is important for our Borough that people know they have a choice and know there are people willing to challenge the status quo.

  4. You are welcome; we try to provide as much pertinent information as we are able. An open and equitable society demands openness and transparency.

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